posted on 1623946791

Just got 99 in a normal mixed game! (That's sounds controversial :P ) yay!


posted on 1598919872

Thank you Aurel, Within the year, I would like to take some of the other leaderboards. Lol


posted on 1598887245

You can rename the Player2 using the Edit button.


posted on 1598886297

Yeah, Please add the 2nd player if you can. 53 points is all I remember for the score.


posted on 1598885465

Hehe what a pity! I can manually add the 2nd player if you want?
Anyway you still have the best average score!


posted on 1598881209

Opps found out why forgot to score the 2nd player lol


posted on 1598881096

Hey, Just asking a simple question. I just beat my person record of 73 by a whoping 10 points, but after putting it in just to make sure (points were correct) I published it, and It only shows on the 'Member' Ranking page. I am confused, as my score would of taken 3rd place with 2 players and Top in Mixed agricola leaderboards. Long story short, why does'nt It pop up on the leaderboards?


posted on 1596807597

The timezone should now be ok on website & on the app.
Moreover the app is now showing the item points like the website.
Let me know if you have any remarks/questions.


posted on 1595242844

Hi SteveQ!
Thank your very much for your feedback! This is really useful ;) for me!

1) That's weird because the app & website use the same database so it should be instantaneous.
I did the test this morning and it worked for me. I don't know what happened to you..

2) I'm preparing an update to use the computer locale timezone. It should be available soon.

3) You are right, it could be great. At least just to be sure the count is right.
I will try to add this in the next app release.

4) I keep the idea but it could be a bit more complicated to do.

5) Yes you should be able to edit everything (including Player Name) except the date & time.

7) Thanks, following your advice, I updated the Google Play Store description!


posted on 1594583069

Thanks for the app & website, Aurel!

Two things:

1) Do the website & app synchronize? Or just slowly? I registered via website, then shortly created first score via Android, and the app would not connect. So then I recreated scores in site (but then app is not useful).

2) Is there a way to set timezone? It makes it look like I played my son late at night. :D

3) Including Item Count + Points on app, like on site, would be awesome! (At first I thought app wouldn't count it right.)

4) Being able to enter historical records, manually adjusting date & time would also be awesome!

5) Can you edit Player Name after entering/ historically?

6) Thanks for including Moor! But I chose a different app first because I didn't see Moor mentioned (buried) in Google Play description until AFTER I saw it in the app. (But other app lacked site/cloud storage so I tried yours.)

7) FYI: "useful" has only one ending L (app store description)



posted on 1565275519

Thanks for your message.
Diid you try to login on the android app or on this website?
If you forgot your password, please contact me by mail (


posted on 1565267220

I can't login the app...


posted on 1564653600

Hi Karsten!
Today I added the way to choose the expansion and to specify the ill members.
Let me know if you have any questions.


posted on 1548081180

Hi Karsten!
Thank you for your feedback!
Indeed you're right, I handled horses but not ill members of family.
Ill members score 1 point instead of 3 points, is it right?
I'm going to add the way to select game mode (normal or expansion) and then the way to specify the ill members.
I’ll let you know.


posted on 1547883000

Hi Aurel.
Great app, works easy and good. We have some expansions for our agricola. Is it possible to choose which expansions is used and the score change?
I can see you have Horsens in the scorecard, but not ill members of family, so hopefully it's possible.


posted on 1423980515

Hey Aurel, we play LeHarve quite a bit. Similar to Agricola as it is a player placement game. Not more complicated in my opinion. Caverna plays very much like Agricola but has several more levels of complexity. Both are games I would recommend to fans of Agricola :)


posted on 1381223687

Thank you for your support!
I didn't want to implement an authentication system (like a password for each player name) which would be boring.
That's why any player can choose any name, even if I put a warning message.
But if the web site grow up, I will have to improve this.
What do you think about entering a password when you choose the player name?
Do you have a better idea?


posted on 1380833065

Niice web site for Agricola players, keep up trhe good job! What happens if a second player with same name as already registered one try to register?


posted on 1379948618

I didn't know this game but I watched few videos about it and it looks fun.
What did you think about it? Did you like it?
Is it not too much complicated? Does it look like Agricola?


posted on 1379827595

The score history looks great! Have you ever played LeHavre? Just played our first game.


posted on 1378388525

Hi Kari! Nice seeing you here! Actually I was working on score details page to implement a board preview so I can't show opponent's score details on this page. But you should now be able to click on the history date to show you the game details (this page is under construction). What do you think about that? Thanks for your help :)


posted on 1378388502

Hey Aurel! It would be great if when you pull up a game history it also shows the details of who you were playing against.


posted on 1378388488

I need help in order to translate this website for spanish and german people. Please, contact me to give a hand!


posted on 1378388476

Don't hesitate to contact me if you see any issues/improvements!


posted on 1378388461

Hello world!

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